How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help You Feel Better About Your Body

Breast reduction surgery poses few risks, is very effective, and offers many benefits to patients who elect to do it. It can be performed quickly, usually on an outpatient basis, and lasts about an hour. Recovery is quick, and there is no pain involved in this process. There is also little post-op pain, and healing usually takes only a couple of days.

Patients experience four trade-offs of breast reduction surgery. The most noticeable and probably the most crucial benefit is the resulting size and shape of the breasts. Reduction surgery results in more extensive and firmer breasts that more closely match the patient’s body shape. In general, most patients are pleased with their new look, but some are more surprised at how smaller they appear to be.

A second benefit is the potential for less sagginess and back pain after the operation. Women who choose breast reduction often report a decrease in back pain after surgery. Some physicians note that their patients experience a decrease in back pain even when wearing supportive clothing. These patients are especially advised to wear a bra with a good shoulder pad; this can help to alleviate back pain.

Another potential benefit of Central Surgery Breast Reduction Adelaide is the potential for weight loss. Because the breasts are reduced, women may be able to lose weight and reduce their body fat, resulting in decreased fat in the abdominal area, making dieting easier. In addition, large breasts may impede the physical activities that patients need to engage in to maintain their weight, such as exercise.

Many plastic surgeons also note that patients experience fewer health problems after breast reduction surgery. It can be particularly beneficial to post-menopausal women, who often struggle with chronic health issues, including osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. Women with excess skin and fat have a greater risk for chronic pain and health complications, so they are typically advised to have their breasts reduced as well. This surgery can also help eliminate excess skin and fat, which can help reduce sagging and stretch out the skin. The resulting scar from the surgery typically is barely noticeable, especially if the patient has had a reasonable amount of time to recover from the procedure.

Perhaps the most critical benefit to patients is the improved self-esteem of a successful breast reduction surgery. MSo many people struggle with t Having the procedure can help make a patient feel more minor, sexier, and better-looking. It can have a positive effect on her emotional and psychological well-being.

Plastic surgeons today can perform breast reduction surgery on an outpatient basis with minimal recovery time. It allows women to return to normal daily activities immediately following surgery. Still, in some cases, the surgeon may recommend bed rest for a few days to allow the skin to absorb the fat and stitch marks. Patients are advised to shower and bathe daily and exercise to increase flexibility and muscle strength within the abdominal area. It is essential to follow all recommendations of the plastic surgeon for exercise and stretching, as not doing so can further compromise the healing process and create more back pain or skin damage.