What Is an EMS Machine And Do They Work?

An EMS machine (or Electronic Muscle Stimulator) is an electronic device capable of contracting your specific muscles via a low-voltage, the low current passed through the muscle. An EMS machine can be handy in the early stage of muscle toning. As the muscles strengthen, the EMS increases in voltage and strength. Some EMS machines can stimulate the same muscles two or three times in succession, which can be very powerful if training for a bodybuilding competition.

Most people suffer from some degree of chronic pain regularly. Some people have acute injuries, while others have chronic conditions that cause chronic pain. To alleviate the pain, many people turn to pharmaceutical pain killers, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Unfortunately, these drugs numb the area where they are injected, and although they provide temporary relief, chronic use of these drugs can cause serious negative side effects. This is why thousands of people are turning to an EMS machine to help relieve their pain and also to help prevent them from developing lasting damage to their muscles.

EMS-machine-AdelaideBy using the EMS machine Adelaide, you can stimulate the muscles so that they become stronger. You do this by passing an electronic muscle stimulation charge through the weak muscles of your body. Once the weak muscles are reached, they begin to contract in preparation for the stronger ones. As strong as they get, your weak muscles tighten more strongly, helping you increase your strength. Some people refer to EMS machines as electronic muscle stimulation machines because they look like exercise or weight machines but can provide a level of stimulation that helps exercise the muscles much like you would if you were exercising in a gym.

The EMS machine produces small amounts of current, up to about twenty milliamps. These small amounts of current are not enough to damage the muscle, so you will not cause permanent muscle damage with a simple EMS exercise session. Even if it does cause some damage, however, it is only temporary. Damage to the muscle typically only lasts from hours to days. So, if you work out on an EMS machine every day for a few hours, the muscle damage is generally tiny, but it can be enough to reach your goal of becoming stronger, especially if you combine it with weight training or strength training exercises.

Using EMS machine Adelaide for pain management may not seem necessary for many sufferers since pain killers can do the job just fine. However, in many cases, the pain is not caused by a physical problem but by an emotional one. Many people today live a fast-paced life, full of jobs, kids, sports, and friends. These people may find little time for downtime, no matter what kind of exercise they do. Using an EMS unit regularly can be very helpful, allowing the exerciser to slow down and take a break without causing permanent damage to the lower leg.

While the EMS unit may not be able to reverse muscle atrophy completely, it can relieve symptoms, such as aches and pains and stiffness. Muscle atrophy occurs when a person’s muscle fibres are damaged and do not produce the protein they should, causing muscles to become weaker over time. By using an EMS unit regularly, you can help prevent muscle atrophy from occurring, allowing the muscles to grow in healthy tissue instead of becoming weaker. Using an EMS unit to relieve the pain associated with a muscle injury can be very helpful for anyone suffering from a physical problem.