How to Easily Clean Different Types of Window Blinds

Blinds are one of the most well-liked window covers next to standard curtains. Not only does it offer beauty, but functionality as well. It provides a lot of benefits that you can’t find anywhere else. However, owning and using Betta Blinds Adelaide requires you to take good care of it. Window blinds maintenance isn’t as straightforward. But with a proper guide, you can get it done to ensure the longevity of your blinds. Here’s a short list of the different types of blinds and how you can take good care of them:


Roller Blinds


Roller blinds are the most popular types of blind out there. One of the reasons is how easy it is to clean. All you need is a feather duster and a soft brush. You may use a vacuum cleaner to clean each slat thoroughly.


Duo Roller Blinds


A duo roller blind is a variant of the standard roller blind. That means the method for cleaning blinds is also the same. You can also use a damp cloth.


Bamboo Blinds


As the name implies, these window blinds are made from bamboo. That’s also the reason why you should never allow interior bamboo blinds to get wet. While it may be sturdy, it can be damaged easily when you clean them improperly. A light feather duster will often do the trick for a quick and effortless clean.


Vertical Blinds


The louvres on vertical blinds will benefit from regular dusting and careful brushing with a soft brush. You can also use a vacuum cleaner set on low-suction power. If you want to do it manually, you can also use a damp cloth that’s thoroughly squeezed out.



Aluminium Blinds


For aluminium blinds, we recommend that you dust them regularly. Doing so is best achieved with a vacuum cleaner as it sucks all of the dust and not leave anything behind. We recommend a vacuum cleaner that’s fitted with a brush dusting head. A feather duster can also be used, but it won’t be as effective as a vacuum cleaner.


Wooden Blinds


Finally, we have wood blinds. Similar to any other type of blind, we recommend that the blinds are regularly dusted with a vacuum or feather duster. However, for the former, you should attach a brush head for the best finish. You may also finish off the cleaning by wiping the slats with a damp cloth to remove any stubborn dirt.


Cleaning your Betta blinds Adelaide may sound daunting; but when you know how to do it, you’ll realise that it’s easy and effortless. For more advice, tips and tricks about cleaning your window blinds, visit our website now.