Top Field Devices for Commercial Buildings

Technology has opened multiple doors for new sectors to provide service and products to commercial facilities. Automation is among the most successful transitions that commercial buildings adopted over the last few years.


Mechanical systems in commercial buildings add a higher level of security for occupants in a particular facility. Automation also helps lower energy consumption – a dilemma that many businesses face, especially those that require a lot of electricity use.


On the other hand, without field devices that operators use to monitor how systems are working or if there are issues with the system, building automation will fail. This is why business owners are urged to consider purchasing equipment and tools for effective data tracking.


In building automation, several field devices are required to monitor the operations of automation systems that provide quality service to guests and employees of a company that owns the facility. If you’re in search of field devices for your automated building, check out the list of products below.




Quality sensors and controllers are necessary for monitoring the behaviour automation systems within a facility. Sensors that are positioned appropriately will send accurate signals to control systems, so operators will know if a specific area in the building is not working as expected.


It is crucial to appropriately install sensors in commercial facilities so they will immediately react to malfunctioning systems. Immediate action is required in system errors to ensure that sensor doors, face recognition, thumb mark entry points, and other automated operations in offices will perform well.




Refraction is the change in the direction of light when it penetrates liquid. Refractometers, on the other hand, are used to measure the degree of direction changes that light takes. A reliable Brix refractometer is necessary for field analysis tasks in building automation.


The best Brix refractometer offers reliable liquid and solid measurements in automated systems. This device also allows for flexible data exporting tasks to reduce the burdens of operators who continuously monitor the flow of automation systems in commercial buildings.



Valve Drivers


These devices require particular patterns of driving voltage and are used in building automation when they are integrated into system dispensers. Reliable valve drivers run on batteries or DC supply to collaborate with other spare parts in automation systems.


The above field devices are just three of the many other tools that automated buildings need. Without this quality equipment, it is almost impossible to ensure that a commercial building’s systems will work as expected.


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