Things to Learn About Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted gas heating is now widely used to warm up houses. These systems are extremely efficient, and due to their design, they can instantly warm up even a cold room, regardless of how low the temperature outside falls. It is why ducted gas heating is so beneficial and why you should install one in your house. Here’s how it works.

ducted gas heatingDuring the winter months, your central air conditioning unit releases coolant into the rooms that need it. However, this coolant has to be replenished often. It is why you experience winter months when your heater takes several hours to bring the room up to the correct temperature. During the summer months, your heater can work faster and more efficiently to bring the rooms up to a comfortable temperature. For this reason, you enjoy warm summer days without having to wait through the long summer nights.

When your air conditioner runs out of coolant, your furnace turns on the gas line to the rooms that need it. As this gaseous gas passes through the ducts, it picks up heat from the surroundings. The fan in the furnace then begins to spin, forcing this hot air through the ducts and out of your home. The gas does not stay in the ducts for very long, as it works best inside a heating system. However, during the winter months, your system works harder to warm up the farthest rooms from the thermostat.

This increased need for heat comes from your heating system’s need to work harder to produce the energy needed to keep the rooms warm. In avoiding running out of coolant, your ducted gas heating unit should have a high-efficiency rating. These high-efficiency units are designed to use less energy than standard units, making them so energy efficient. To make sure you are getting the most efficient unit possible, be sure to look at the Energy Star rating for each model. There are many different ratings to choose from, but be sure to get one closely aligned with the specifications of the model you are looking at.

Another important feature to look for when purchasing a ducted gas heating Adelaide unit from is a reverse cycle air conditioning system. A reverse cycle air conditioning system allows the ductless heater to pull hot air out of the room and into the conditioning system. It is important to find an air conditioning system that will be able to pull hot air from your rooms without depleting the coolant levels.

If you are wondering if the ducted gas heating unit you are looking at is energy-efficient ducted gas heating, there are many resources available online to help you determine this. Check with the manufacturer or call their local utility company to see what their rating is. Most utilities in Australia have an excellent rating; it will be on a label or wall sticker attached to the unit. Another good resource for checking out energy-efficient ducted gas heating units is the AMSA (Australia Standard Information Corporation). It is a great website for consumers to visit to learn about anything to do with appliances, including gas heaters.

As mentioned before, the ducted gas heating unit must have vents, especially in areas where it gets very cold. Vents allow warm air from the rooms to escape the building and fresh air to enter. Some ducts are vent-free, which means that cold air can enter and leave the building freely. However, these rooms still must have vents, because otherwise the occupants would not be comfortable and would likely freeze.

In summary, ducted gas heating can be a very useful addition to a home, and it offers a relatively inexpensive way to provide warm and cool air. The greatest benefit of this type of heating and cooling is the reduced energy consumption during operation, and this saves you money and reduces your impact on the environment.