Quick and Easy Tips for Better Garden Maintenance

Everybody wants their garden to look special and appealing. Nothing gives more joy than seeing people appreciate and compliment our outdoor landscape. However, before you can achieve that level of praise, you’ll need to maintain your garden regularly. Doing so will ensure that it will look great now and in the coming years. If you want to improve your knowledge and skill in garden care, Guaranteed Garden Services has some useful tips that will surely result in a more eye-catching garden.


Water Your Garden Regularly

  • The watering beds need to be moist at all times; which is why you should water your garden one to two times a week. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo it. Twice a week is already enough.
  • Water your garden during the night or early in the morning when the soil is still cool and moist. Warm and dry soil tends to evaporate before it can hydrate your plants.
  • Avoid watering your plant leaves. It’s a common mistake among homeowners that Guaranteed Garden Services is looking to correct. It won’t cure the yellow leaves like what most would believe. Instead, it will develop mould. So next time you water your plants; target the roots on the ground and ignore the leaves.
  • If possible, try installing a simple home irrigation system. With it, your plants are hydrated every time, which means you won’t have to water them yourself.


Lawn Maintenance

  • Protect your lawn from warm weather. A temperature that’s below 26°C promotes growth while above 30°C will stunt it. What’s more, is it can also dehydrate your plants towards death.
  • Don’t cut your lawn grass too short, especially during summer.
  • The ideal time to water lawn grass is around 4 to 7 a.m. Any time in the evening is also perfect. An irrigation system can be programmed to water your plants during these times of the day.
  • Use 10 to 15 litres of water per square metre when hydrating your lawn. Don’t go above what’s in this guide to avoid developing mould or drowning your plants.



  • Prevent weed growth by planting flower beds close together. This method will minimise the space for weeds to grow and develop.
  • If removing any existing weeds, go straight for the roots using a trowel.


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