What Are Mini Implants? Am I the Right Candidate for Them?

No other body feature than our faces can represent who we are and how people perceive us. The most recognisable feature of our faces is our smile. A beautiful smile exudes warmth or friendliness and tells the world about how confident we are in many ways. However, for some of us who, unfortunately, might be missing teeth, this confidence will often be missing as well.


For edentulous people (without teeth), the smile is not a symbol of happiness, but rather an exposure to what makes them feel embarrassed. But there is an option that can bring smiles and confidence. A choice that your dentist will recommend as they are easier to clean and cheaper to maintain than other more expensive alternatives is mini dental implants Adelaide.


Mini-implants are an innovative and advanced dental solution that has many advantages over traditional prosthetic or dental implant techniques. To help you in determining if mini-implants are right for you, let’s start by discussing them.


Dental implants are small devices made of titanium inserted into the jawbone to support a “bridge” tooth or segment of teeth. They are a non-invasive dental implant technique that uses fewer implants than older methods and thus reduces treatment time. You recover quickly and therefore, can start smiling in no time.


Since this technique does not require a graft or bone reconstruction, the process takes less time and is very cost-effective. Mini-implants look a lot like your natural teeth. They are used to stabilise a prosthesis or as a support bridge for a fixed implant. This procedure is done by appointment only and will be performed with the patient under general anesthesia. It does not involve sutures and therefore has a shorter recovery time because it is less evasive.


Compared to a traditional prosthesis or implant techniques, mini dental implants Adelaide are the best option for many reasons.


These prostheses are fixed in place; they do not require adhesive. Implants are more comfortable because they do not move in the mouth and exert no pressure on the gums. Besides, they do not need to be removed at night and can be cleaned like ordinary teeth. Regular brushing is all the maintenance they need.


The most impressive however is that, in published studies of this technique, the success rate of mini-implants is 98%, making it one of the best alternatives on the market.



Do you want that freedom to smile again? In this case, you should at least consider mini-implants. Check with your dentist as he can tell you if this solution is the right option for you. For more information and the latest news in mini dental implants Adelaide technology, visit our website.