Overview of Electric Mobility Scooters

Man electric mobility scooter (MSA) is an electric mobility aid or auxiliary to a standard wheelchair but configured much like a standard motor-powered vehicle. They’re also commonly called a power-assisted vehicle/scooter (or electric scooter) or electric mobility scooter when powered by a rechargeable battery. Some electric mobility scooters are also capable of being ridden with only a power cord. And a few are electric, meaning that the operator can drive it without any power source at all.

Mobility ScootersThe electric mobility scooter was initially developed as a medical device to assist persons with permanent disabilities who could not walk or stand independently. As their popularity grew, more types were created, and some manufacturers even went so far as to develop electric scooters for sale for children with similar restrictions. Today, almost any person with a physical limitation can benefit from one. There are various reasons to purchase one, and we’ll look at just a few.

Consider the weight limitations; a person might have. An electric mobility scooter can usually travel at speeds of about 15 mph. For those with mobility restrictions caused by injury or age, this is enough of an advantage. It only justifies why it is important to invest in a scooter of this type. It’s much easier to regain use of a chair than it is to get off one.

Another obvious reason why someone must purchase an electric mobility scooter is that these vehicles’ battery can last for a long time between recharging. However, they tend to lose their power as the battery gets older. If you’d like to ride around longer in the same place as your scooter, you may be better off purchasing one with a rechargeable battery. They are also much less expensive since most models are under $100. Rechargeable batteries can also last longer than most batteries on the market. Many people save money from buying a rechargeable battery, and the battery assists the overall cost of the model.

Another thing to think about is Medicare benefits. Although electric mobility scooters have not always been accepted into Medicare, more are becoming available each year. Many of the newer models have programs that allow consumers to trade in their old mobility scooter and receive a brand new one with increased Medicare benefits. It is important to check with your doctor to find out exactly what benefits you will qualify for. Also, many states offer other types of medical assistance; in some cases, Medicare and Medicaid will cover a mobility scooter’s entire cost.

Electric mobility scooters can provide a great deal of freedom to those who need it most. Whether it is helping to protect your children while they play outside or protecting your mobility, an electric scooter can make an amazing difference in someone’s life. By considering these important things, you can be sure that your electric scooter purchase will be a good one. After all, a little extra safety is worth the investment.