Steel Supplies Adelaide – Is Steel Still the #1 Building Material?

Ever since skyscrapers went up in Australia during the 1960s, steel has been a significant component in constructing commercial buildings. Before that, builders had to use cast iron. However, they found out that structural steel beams set in concrete enabled them to frame taller buildings and were more fire-resistant and structurally sound compared to cast iron. After that discovery, steel not only became one of the top building materials, for commercial construction, but it is also closely tied to economic health as well. Many experts look at the steel supplies Adelaide industry as an indicator of how well the country’s economy is doing. It is safe to say that steel has a long and rich history in the building industry. However, is it still the ideal material for building today?


Recent Issues in the Steel Production Industry


As of the moment, prices for steel company stocks are dropping significantly. This phenomenon gave rise to the question as to whether steel is still an ideal material for construction purposes. The effects of the recent economic downturn compromise the steel industry. Big-name Australian steel manufacturers. Have been facing layoffs in the past months. The reason is due to a sudden slowdown in construction projects across the country. Right now, steel companies are trying to control the recent economic turmoil, just like other businesses. This has resulted in lesser construction, which paved the way for fewer production jobs.


So that is the issue of the matter there – with the economy scrambling, fewer construction projects are being made. This phenomenon has resulted in less use of steel – not because of deteriorating quality, but the reduction in use. However, that is not all. Steel is also getting more expensive due to the price of raw materials, even going up. Steel, iron, and coal are all ingredients towards making steel, and they are on the rise. Therefore, while steel supplies Adelaide are still popular, there is no denying that it has taken a hit, and other steel materials are taking advantage of it.


New Alternatives to Steel


While there has not been an alternative that can match the standard of steel, materials like metal composites and engineered timber are becoming increasingly common in new construction projects. Learn more about these alternatives, as well as the steel supplies Adelaide, when you subscribe to our newsletter.