6 Do’s and Don’ts of Website Copywriting

There are several do’s and don’ts that you need to know about effective website copywriting. Whether you’re writing for your clients or your own brand, we have six do’s and don’ts to help you create better copies for whatever you’re doing. Make sure you bookmark this link so that when you start writing copies, you’ll have this list right beside you. You can look for more tips here if you want.


Know Your Audience

Website CopywritingYou may be sick and tired of hearing this all the time, but we need to emphasize this as much as we can to make sure you’re doing it right. You must know your audience well so that you can create an audience persona and write copies that are focused directly on them. Never make assumptions that you know your audience without going through extensive research and study. Assumptions will lead you nowhere. It’s like your following an imaginary person. Make sure you gather the facts before you create your audience persona and start targeting the right people.

Come Up with a CTA

Some writers treat their CTAs like this slogan, and you should follow this practice. A call-to-action isn’t just any ordinary phrase that urges people to do what you want them to do. It’s also a way for you to compel and entice them to click the button and subscribe, buy your product, or acquire your service. A simple ‘buy now’ is compelling enough to urge people to do a command. But you can also personalize it to make it even better. There are more tips here if you wish to know more about how to create compelling CTAs.

Write for Scanners

Bear in mind that most people who read copies online do it vertically, instead of horizontal. You must use different fonts, bullets, bold, italics, and even texts with colour and images. What these elements are doing is that they’re making your copy scannable. That means people can look for these elements to understand what your text is trying to say.


Don’t Write for Anyone

Always focus on your target audience. Targeting for everyone will get you nowhere.

Don’t Welcome Everyone

While we’re on the topic, it’s also essential that you don’t welcome everyone. Say phrases like “if you’re …. This might not be the site for you.” It will give people the idea that your website is targeted to only specific kinds of people, which will help your website rank high.

Don’t Lie

Finally, here’s the most important ‘don’t’ of all. Whatever you say on your copies, they must be all facts. Stating false claims or exaggerated statements will get your copies in trouble. So, make sure you’re not misleading your audience by only stating the truth and the facts. If you want to know more about website copywriting, you can get more tips here.